Our animals are more than companions, and more than comfort.  They are full-fledged family members who enrich our lives every day, with their unconditional love and good nature.  My aim is to not only provide you with beautiful images, but also ones that capture the unique personality traits that make your pet who they are.

Hi, I'm Maddie Wilson, and when I learned to talk, my first word was “doggie”, so it’s no wonder that my chosen field would include dogs.  And cats.  And horses.  Pretty much anything with four legs.

Graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography, I am based in Ventura County, and I love taking advantage of our beautiful weather and landscape by shooting outdoors whenever possible.

I have a goofy german shepherd/black lab mix named Xena, and she is the center of my world, so I know how much your pets mean to you! I hope to capture the joy they give you.